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Teaching for tolerance and freedom of religion or belief: resources - teachers tips, visions, models and methods

The material presented below has been compiled either by Oddbjørn Leirvik, earlier T4T project manager at the Oslo Coalition, or by partners of the Oslo Coalition such as UNESCO and the International Association for Religious Freedom, or by other bodies concerned with tolerance edcuation such as the European Council.

We must always be aware that education for tolerance is only a part of a wider spectrum of education for human rights and education in peace competence. Competence in peace is a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Knowledge alone is insufficient: we also need to look at how teachers inspire the right attitudes in their pupils, both by their own examples and through the educational methods they choose; and we need to look at how teachers can train up the skills their pupils will need in order to practice tolerance, and actively manage their own conflicts and attitudes.

With this in mind, we are always interested in adding new resources to the website. If you have information, links, interesting documents or other resources about curriculum models, educational projects and pedagogical approaches that you would like to add to this webpage, please contact

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regional overviews and country reports,

Books and booklets

  • Teaching for Tolerance in Muslim Majority societies (eds. Recep Kaymakcan and Oddbjørn Leirvik). Istanbul: Centre for Values Education in cooperation with the Oslo Coalition. See contents and preface.
  • Intercultural Education and Religious Plurality(eds. Robert Jackson and Ursula McKenna). Oslo Coalition Occasional Papers 1, October 2005 (78pp). See review by Brian Gates and review by Joyce Miller.
Both books available from the Oslo Coalition.


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Interdisciplinary perspectives

Intercultural Education

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Religion/Interfaith education

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Values education

Human Rights Education, Religion and Belief

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Peace Education

History education

Practical Classroom Tips and Resources for Teachers from primary schools to college level

  • Compass: The EU Commission's "Manual on Human Rights Education with Young People", with 49 classroom activities on human rights.
  • Teaching for a better world An overview of educational methods with a database of more than 200 excercises and games, sorted by theme, subject and/or skill to be developed and marked with age group - in Norwegian, English, Arabic, Spanish and Russian, created by Norwegian Peace Alliance in cooperation with the General Union of Palestinian Teachers, Ramallah.
  • Delicate Balance, a role-play aimed at promoting tolerance and acceptance of the other, Aviva Doron, 2004.

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Compiled for the Oslo Coalition by Oddbjørn Leirvik and Ingvill Thorson Plesner, University of Oslo

Copyright © 2006 Oslo Coalition